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but anyways



yeah...the alvaro saga has come to a close
i feel empty and relieved it seems

i'm still in shock. i texted him this morning saying "you really don't love me anymore?"

and he said yes

apparently he hasn't loved me for weeks...or even a few months...

i deserve better

now i feel sad not fully because of how much i miss al, because a part of me does love him, but because i just wish i would find that person that would make me stop looking

and i don't believe in fairy tales

so i'm willing to try with anyone who's willing to try with me. in my opinion, two people who try to make it work no matter what. that's love.

just wish i had someone else who shared that view. that one.

feeling obligated to do something

just got done reading the umbrella academy: apocalypse suite (it was amazing!!! omfg thanks cyn)
and watching 'milk'
i would totally love to fall in love with someone like harvey milk
someone that actually wants to do something with their lives, like a BIG something, to help others
i wanna be like that person, too
always have
volunteering, helping a cause for some sort of activism
would love to do that

currently filling out an application for youth council for jasmyn
that should be fun, loads of fun

and looking up the gay social group connected to fccj

hopefully it ain't too bad

Mar. 15th, 2009

hey gang, i just totally gave up on this chapter thing for math tonight. basically five sections, one chapter test, all zeros...don't care lol


but cyn i'll need you for this photo i'm thinking of, i'm sure i can take it of you in your cat's room. it'll be in black and white, and i just need your face and a portion of your neck in the photo and some light source exposing your face...the background will be black.

basically i'll edit it with photo shop, add some element of fire, or try to


calling it "God's Sun Puts Out The Mourning Star"

it'll be a reference to vampirism, death, sadness (you'll need mascara cuz i'll need a teardrop rolling down your cheek - we can just put a drop of water on your eye for that effect), and pain


just wanted to announce that ms bre_anachronism is NOT fat and my previous post with the yellow walrus does NOT symbolize her because she is too beautiful :)


and ryan here's that photo i took of you with some of my personal touches




worked out


lol :-P


but instead of putting photos on here guys, just go to photobucket plz




easier for me :)

Niii-agruh falls

so ladies and gents, i'm in this human relations class online and we are made to "choose a friend" that will guide us through the course. it's just a series of online videos of a talking photograph that basically summarises each chapter...it's like a human relations course for mentally handicapped individuals

easy A...and i don't think the course has a final lol. YAY

but you guys have to watch this video of my "friend" Ann...see (or hear) anything wrong with it lol???


but yeah...ummm i should be posting some new photos later. gonna work out now!

eating eggs and toast right now with some coffee

keep in mind its 1030 at night

so i bought zach and miri make a porno and watched it today
justin long and brandon roth (the guy that played the latest superman) were both in it

the scene was a high school reunion and miri was trying to hook up with roth, who's character was the high school football player studmuffin, and miri continues to do so while roth's current boyfriend, justin long, who is LA's top gay porn star is chatting it up with zach...

altogether HILARIOUS


i keep coughing...A LOT...it's like there's a giant mucus ball lodged in my throat. wish someone would just knife me and get it over with...


midnight is upon us

alright gang, watchmen tonight, you ready? joe just took me to ihop. we had a brother-brother moment there. i'm glad, we both told each other stuff. i told him about my photography major. he told me about how he's going to propose to his girl. i'm happy for him. we talked about friends that end up not being friends at all. or how people change after high school graduation and how the values of your friends can change drastically just by one of their mistakes.

and how everyone is getting prego

again, abortion is there for a reason ppl

saw this on some guy's blog. HILARIOUS:


ms bre_anachronism, please tell the wife i need her to model for me at your place. there's some photo ideas i have in my head that i must get out. also inform her she may have to be topless and just be wearing stockings. just a tidbit trivial fact you might have to inform her of

bobby, we need to hang, i misses you
ryan the same goes to you
crystal we need to see watchmen at least once together. i really don't know if the rest of these people understand the magnitude of this film on my creative mind.


eh...i have to go to work. I wish it was one of those days where i was looking forward to going to work because it gives me something to do, but it's not. it's a job where you like it some days but most days you just hate being there and hate being relied on. it's emotionally exhausting, really.

but i gots to go. love y'alls